Traction Avant Maßstab 3:5

Worlds biggest Traction Avant model car?

To find a Traction Avant as a model car with a scale almost as big as the original is not easy. We discovered this wonderful masterpiece:

Traction Avant Scale 3:5

This Traction Avant cabriolet (convertible) has been scaled down to 3:5 (i.e. 60% of the size of the original one, making it 2.88m long). Handcrafted by a coachbilder this dark green („vert amazonie“) big mini TA is being equipped with a 140cm3 fuel-based engine, has an automatic gearbox for front (and rear!) wheel drive, as well as an electric starter.

As on the original convertible, you’ll quickly recognize the beige „Pilote“ rims, the wheels are individually suspended, and being directed over a steering gear.

„Of course“ there is a hydraulic brake system working on all 4 wheels.

The doors, the front hood as well as the back can be opened. The front lamps as well as the rear lamps are illuminated, and even the seats can be adjusted according to your convenience.

Take a seat on the leather upholstery. You’ll notice that the glove box can be opened, and also the front windscreen can be turned frontwards.

The convertible’s soft top does exist and can be opened and closed. Even a spare wheel does exist!

All coachbuilder works have been done on solid steel. That makes the beauty pretty heavy: expect a solid 270 kilos!

As an complementing accessory, you’ll also get the wooden presentation desk which allows you to show off this unique artwork on exhibitions and other shows to the stunning audience.

There’s a trailer which can be used to transport both items conveniently.

Currently, this item is for sale in northern France. The seller expects a sales price of ca. 28.000,- Euro. Are you prepared? 😉

A few more impressions:

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