New section: Traction Avant maintenance and workshop – but: limitation of liabilities!

With this website we now introduce a new section of content which is related to the maintenance and repair works on the Traction Avant.

While we are doing our best to ensure the maximum of accurateness and precision in description of works, there is a number of important issues and limitations of liabilites to be noted carefully by you.

For all information published on our website related to repair works, maintenance etc. you’d have to accept these terms:

  • All textual and visual / multimedia information has been published according to the best knowledge and experiences from the works executed by professionals or experts.
  • Neither the author(s) nor the website owners or operators can be made responsible or liable for faulty sugestions, tips or descriptions or any resulting damages due to works executed or resulting from works executed.
  • Working on brakes, suspension, axes, electrics etc. and any other functions relevant to road safety have to be executed by professionals or experts.
  • Usage of documents presented on this website is on your own risk!

Obviously speaking for itself: Everybody is himself responsible for what kind of changes or repair works he is doing on his car. We can not be made liable for the documentation given.

Who is not sure about what is presented on our website should rather get hold of a professional expert to get his problems solved.

With using the documentation given on our website you hereby accept that you have noticed and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Thank you!