Special Edition Traction Universelle: 75 Years of TA

Special Edition Traction Universelle: 75 Years of TA

Dear Fellows Tractionnists,

The meeting of the ‘75 Hours for the 75 Years’ of the Traction Avant in Arras in July 2009, has really been a great international event.

According to all the participants, that anniversary remains as a real success which will be engraved in our memories.

Therefore, in the way to keep a souvenir, the Club La Traction Universelle will publish a booklet entitled “75 Years of the Traction”:

– It will actually be a special issue of the club magazine ‘Traction Avant’.

– Edited entierly in colours, luxurious cover, 56 pages.

– All texts and captions in both languages, French and English.

– Editorial by the four presidents of the Clubs : BOCC, TAN, TOC, TU.

– A chapter devoted to each topic (museum, parade, Challenge Lecot, gala dinner-party).

– Printing : 2 000 exemplaries.

– Public price : 8,00 €, with a 15% discount to the Clubs.

– Release for Retromobile, 22-31 January 2010.

We are looking forward the number of exemplaries you wish to buy for your Club. Thank you for already giving us this indication.

With our best regards.

Jean-Louis Poussard


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